Friday, June 29, 2012

And I'm Back!

I have certainly neglected my blog and updating all of you on the happenings of our life for far too long!  I credit this long overdue update to Clare, who told me that our fresh start in San Diego is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start on the blog and I couldn't agree more.

Mike and I are adjusting to life in San Diego the best we know how.  I was unprepared for how huge of a life change this would be; it's been so exciting and terrifying all at the same time.  And if moving isn't enough for us, we're also trying to catch up on all of the wedding planning we missed out on in the past couple of months.  It's crazy how fast September is coming!! At this point we're just trying to refocus our efforts as a team and start knocking some wedding to-dos off the list.

And at this point I truly need to thank all of our family friends for your love, support, help, and guidance through all of this.  With out you guys, I'd be an even bigger mess than I already am! :)

Here's some photos to catch you up on our past month!

We said our goodbyes...

We practiced our corn hole game for the wedding...

We had our first Cali visitor! Love you Clare!!

We've explored Julian and eaten yummy pie, twice! :)

Their Strawberry-Rhubarb is to die for too! :)

We've been to our first fair together and eaten the greasiest food of my life!

I can still taste the salt from this beer-battered bacon wrapped hot dog, yikes!
(And the bandage was just from a little accident I had with a box cutter, not as severe as it looks!)

I turned another year older!

We celebrated with a yummy dinner at Stone Brewery.

I've seen some of the most beautiful flowers and even went to the Little Italy Farmer's Market.  All thanks to Karen, our second California visitor!

We've even taken in a rock show!

 As you can tell, we've been as busy as ever and we're just trying to find ways to make San Diego feel like home.  I promise to be a more dedicated blogger, especially as we're getting closer to the wedding...there are just so many exciting things going on this year!!

So much to love to all of you!