Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Little Inspiration

We're at the thirteen month out mark from our wedding, which means there's not a lot to do for at least the next couple of months.  It's a welcomed break from the craziness, but it also means that I seem to have lost a little bit of my gusto for the wedding.  We've had several friends get engaged since Mike and I got engaged in May and we're so excited for each and every one of them and we can't wait to see their exchange of vows, but we had a big engagement this weekend in our lives!  Mike's brother, Joe, proposed to the love of his life, Sarah, and my heart is so happy for those two!  :)  To bring us back full circle, Joe and Sarah's engagement reinvigorated me!  It made me remember to let go of the craziness around us, the opinions, and most importantly, for me to stop comparing my wedding day to the rest of the worlds'!  I never thought I would get that way, but it's amazing what a roller coaster ride this process can be.
So with my original wedding mentality back in place and my confidence restored, I was online today looking for some inspiration for our day and I couldn't have found a better wedding to share with you guys!  If I have not yet told you guys (or you don't know about) Green Wedding Shoes blog site, then you must check it out!  It is my absolute favorite wedding blog site and I have truly become addicted to it! :)  From there I stumbled onto a photographer's blog and the second wedding I looked at sparked my excitement all over again.  I first I have to tell you guys that being a photographer and going to weddings is amazing for inspiration, there's always an idea or two you want to tuck away in your memory for your own wedding day.  This is the first wedding I've seen that I couldn't pick one or two things out that I loved, in fact, it's funny how many props we already have in common with this couple for our own day.  What I love most about it, is that it's incredibly similar to what I envision my wedding day looking like.
I thought this would be the perfect wedding to share with you guys because when I tell people that I want a "country chic" look to my day, most people give me this look of, "What on earth does that mean?!"  So here's what I mean and I hope it maybe gives you some inspiration too! 

And again, a BIG Congratulations to Joe and Sarah!!  We love you guys! :)


  1. Oh Tara - you're the sweetest for giving us a shout out in this post and I'm so glad to hear you are regaining some steam for wedding planning. I just know your wedding is going to be gorgeous and unlike any other because the love that you and Mike share is gorgeous and completely unique! Big hugs!

  2. You made my whole day! Thank you so much Sarah, it's positive encouragement like that that goes a long way in wedding planning, so thank you, thank you, thank you! :)