Friday, October 22, 2010


As my first blog attempt, I guess I'll give you some insight into why I decided to start one of these and a little teaser into what I plan to share with you!  Mike and I have been doing photography together for a couple of years now and I find myself tapping into creativity I never knew about.  For most of you who know me, you are aware of my obsession for my inevitable wedding day and the fact that I have every detail planned.  I would love to share a taste of what our day will be like and I can keep myself organized at the same time!  I'm also super into fashion and decorating our home, so I look forward to sharing more as the holidays get closer.  I would love for this blog to inspire my friends and family, while keeping you up to date on the adventure that is my life.

Ok, let's start with rings since I'm still waiting for it! :)  Here's a picture pretty close to the one I would love.  I find myself being more and more drawn to rings that have some antique flair to them.  So, my perfect ring in detail would be a one carat princess center stone, color: G or H, Clarity: VS2 or an SI2.  It's totally beautiful right?!

Meanwhile Mike has a pretty good idea of what he'd like too.  He's really into a wider band, 10-12mm and a brushed metal looking pretty similar to the one below.

There's so much more to share and I look forward to showing you guys what I have planned for our day and some of the fashion that rules my life!

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