Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The First Details

Alright friends, it's time to start some wedding blogging and I am so excited to start sharing some of the details with you!  I thought I'd start with the first item I got for my wedding and what I think is really the inspiration and basis for our theme and how simple I would like things to be.  Oh, and the theme?  Country Chic. :)

About a year after my mom passed away, we finally went through the items that she had left for us.  She had put a pearl necklace into an envelope, but the best part of opening that envelope was seeing her hand writing on a letter she had written. Summing it up, she was incredibly proud of me and would love for me to wear my Great Grandma Brown's pearls on my wedding day.  I've always loved the simplicity and classiness that pearls bring to a wardrobe.  So I decided right then in there that my wedding would be the same.  Simple and classy.  This is what we, and you as our friends and family, get to look forward to on our wedding day.

Here are the pearls, I love the way they've weathered into this beautiful color.


The other item I've had for quite awhile are my shoes.  I've always been on the look out for a pair of flats that had just enough flair to them for my wedding day.  I've always known that I wouldn't last more than five minutes in a pair of heels and I want to be totally comfortable on the big day.  I came across this particular pair when I was browsing in Nordstrom and instantly fell in love and had to get them.  I've had them for the past year or so (I know, totally crazy!  But I knew this day would come and I also know that when I fall in love with something it's for a reason!) and I still love to pull them out of the box and look at them!

I have SO much more to share with you guys, but I thought I'd start with these two items and I'll just keep sharing as things start to unfold.

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  1. Tara, I found it and what can I say.. I will be an avid reader! Love the story of the pearls, Chris's mom had passed away a year and a half before our wedding. I wore her pearl cross with the medalion C Chris had bought me in Tennessee after we got engaged. This is a precious air-loom that will look so stunning on your special day. Love, Mandi