Friday, November 25, 2011

A Day to Be Thankful For

The Year of the "Kids" is what I'm calling this Thanksgiving, it was the first one I've celebrated without parents and I think we held our own!  This year it was just Mike, Mark, Rachel, and myself (Rachel did invite a couple of her friends over, which was great because we had a ton of food and we were more than happy to share!).  Mike and I made breakfast for the four of us and we have a new favorite breakfast recipe.
We started off by cooking the bacon.

 We chopped up some broccoli and mushrooms and put them in the bottom of the muffin tin.                                   

 And then we got the mimosas flowing!


Then we cut up the bacon and added it to the muffin tin.

Then we topped it off with a mixture of eggs, sharp cheddar, milk, and baking soda.

 Our finished product!!  They were so good!

Breakfast tradition.

Breakfast table.

Pumpkin Pie.

Abby hardly moved from her spot on the couch while we were hard at work!

Mark working on the turkey.

Love this picture of Mark!

Stuffing time!

Sage sausage, super important!

Me in all of my stuffing glory!

Mike was in charge of corn thing.

Coors Light in honor of my dad who couldn't join us this year.

The wine stash.

Jeep transportation for food between ovens.

Turkey, turkey, turkey.

They guys did a great job!

Mark carving it up good!

How cute are they?!

Corn thing.

Sweet potatoes.

Finished product of stuffing.


Not our best, but it was a good laugh!

Much better!

We had such a great time together and it made me that much more excited for Christmas and having a full house of the people that we love!  Can't wait to have you all in Flagstaff for another year together!


  1. Tara! Those breakfast bacon muffins look awesome and super easy too! Love it! Going to have to copy this one soon! And love the Jeep food transport! Looks like a great feast!

  2. Tara- I, too, am going to have to copy you on the breakfast "egg muffins!!" Those look fantastic! So did your stuffing...mmm! The picture of Abby's tilted head made me think she was "smiling" for the camera. :-) The photo of Mark that you loved reminds me of the kid Mark that went to elementary/Middle/HS with me. Good memory throw-backs, of course. We DO have much to be thankful for, don't we??! So glad you had a wonderful holiday! Looking forwards to seeing your Christmas decoration pictures next. :-) -Lindsey Epperson

  3. Ummmm, lots of people make fun of me for liking canned cranberries. But gosh darn it, I really like it! Everything looks great, can't wait to see what you make me for dinner when I come visit you next! ; )